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Car-Tech Collision Auto Body Repair Services

Quality auto repair is a given at Car-Tech Collision. You expect nothing less and we deliver – every time.
At Car-Tech we focus on providing an exceptional customer experience and a continual attention to detail.
From the minute your car enters Car-Tech, our highly trained and skilled auto body repair technicians work diligently to assess and determine the full extent of the repair necessary to completely repair your vehicle.
Car-Tech Collision is equipped with state-of the art equipment and a standardized work flow process.

We specialize in:
  •  Auto body repair
  •  Auto collision repair
  •  Wrecked vehicles
  •  Car suspension repairs
  •  Mechanical repair related to a collision
  •  Car dents

One Stop Repair

Bring in your vehicle and claim number and we’ll take it from there!

Estimated Completion Date (ECD)

Within 24 hours of bringing your automobile to Car-Tech Collision we provide you and your insurance company with a date of completion. Car-Tech is an award leader for best ECD on time delivery due to:

  • Complete disassembly of the vehicle at time of arrival.
  • Thorough identification, labeling and photography of each part, panel and component of your car.
  • Proven process for reviewing the damage to create the most accurate insurance estimate and estimated completion date the first time.

Mirror Matched Auto Parts

“Close enough” is not a phrase you will hear at Car-Tech Collision. Each new part installed is “Mirror Matched” to certify that it is the correct size and shape. The extensive analysis at the beginning of each auto body repair ensures the correct part is ordered and installed the first time thereby saving time and money.

Meticulously Maintained Facility

At Car-Tech Collision cleanliness is critical to our ability to repair each car quickly and efficiently. Our facility is brightly lit with oversized surrounding windows as well as florescent lighting to provide the best visibility, even with the smallest details of your auto body repair.

We have developed a precise system which includes meticulous disassembly, labeling and photography of each component of your automobile which assists in providing a correct financial estimate and the most accurate ECD for your vehicle.

We invite you to visit our repair facility – we guarantee you’ll agree; it is like no other.

State-of-the Art Computers

At Car-Tech Collision we have invested in our customers with the newest in automotive laser technology to measure the tolerance of each frame repair within two or three millimeters. We print color reports that include the complete specifications on each structural repair and/or mechanical repair before and after the auto body repair is completed.

Express Bumper Repair

A special service offered by Car-Tech Collision auto body repair facility is the same day bumper repair. Bring your automobile to us in the morning, rent your car in-house and come back at the end of the day to retrieve your car; repaired, painted and washed.

Our bumper repair process is quick and easy. Don’t spend weeks driving around with a dented bumper. Call us or click here to learn more about our Rapid Bumper Repair process.

Enterprise Car Rental In-House

Your time is important and that is why we have contracted for Enterprise Rental Car to have an office in our facility.

Drop off your car for repair and rent a car on site. Our in-house car rental saves you time and effort. Just one more way Car-Tech Collision provides the best customer experience.

Hand Washed

Every automobile brought into Car-Tech Collision, no matter the size of the auto body repair, is cleaned inside and out, vacuumed and dried before delivery to our customers. Not only is your car repaired but it is also beautifully detailed before you drive it off the facility property. Our customers leave happy and smiling in a shiny newly repaired vehicle.

Call today to learn more about the many services available from
Car-Tech Collision auto body repair facility in Green, Ohio