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 Car-Tech Collision Auto Body Express Bumper Repair Process

Big Screw  Step One: Initial Inspection Big Screw  Step Two: Prewash
  We start by inspecting the damage to see if it qualifies for our Express Bumper Service. These are typically of 3 hours repair or less. Scrapes, minor cracks and small gouges would qualify. P1010954The vehicle is prewashed to inspect for additional damage and prepare the parts for repair.
 Big Screw  Step Three: Disassembly Big Screw  Step Four: Body Repair
P1010966  The bumper is removed and disassembled to be repaired and refinished. This is an important step as this ensures paint is applied to all edges so it will not peel in the future. P1010974At this time the vehicle is sent to detail while the bumper is being repaired by sanding, reforming or plastic welding cracks and mounting areas.
Big Screw  Step Five: Paint Prep Big Screw  Step Six: Basecoat Application
Primer is then applied to the prepped repair area. After curing for a half hour or so, the primer is sanded to remove imperfections and provide a smooth finish for paint to be applied.
P1010985After mixing the correct color according to the vehicle paint code and tinting as necessary, the basecoat is then applied only in the repaired area and “blended” into the original color.
Big Screw  Step Seven: Clearcoat Application Big Screw  Step Eight: Buffing
P1010987Clearcoat application is the final step in the painting process. Basecoat does not provide UV protection and is not shiny therefore a clearcoat must be applied over the entire part sealing it from the elements. P1020003Once the clearcoat is baked through a cure cycle for a half hour or so and the part has completely cooled, any imperfections are sanded and buffed before being reinstalled.
Big Screw  Step Nine: Reassembly Big Screw  Step Ten:
P1020016The Car-Tech Collision technicians complete the reassembly of the vehicle, ensuring all fasteners are in their proper place. P1020030Each auto body collision repair job, whether it is a single bumper or a complete overhaul is thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Every surface of the vehicle is cleaned and dried and prepared for the customer pick up.


Delivering a properly repaired vehicle to a happy customer!